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eCallCenter.com call center services, call centre solutions and BPO

services as a solution to its clients. Its outsource call center services

are customized by the client according to its callcenter need.

The call centre BPO services maximize the revenue by using

call centers and call centre services in call centers.

E Call Center, a premiere BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in the Philippines, hosts a wide selection of BPO services, call centre solutions and call center services that is specifically customized to fit its clientele’s need. The call centre offers call centre services both inbound and outbound interactions in its operations. E Call Center lets its client make the call on what type of BPO services they need in E Call Center’s call center services, whether the call centre receives inbound calls or makes the outbound calls. Internet call center services such as email support, chat support, and chat to outbound calling are all supported as BPO services of E Call Center in the callcenter.

A business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center is E Call Center’s core expertise. Business to business, business to consumer, and appointment setting are just a few examples of outbound calling as an interaction in the callcenters, while answering customer service calls, sales inquiry calls, email correspondence, and retention calls are for inbound calling interactions in its call centre operations.


Phil. Headquarters: 
Lot 1 Block 9 J. Cargill St. Purok 6, Ibayo, Napindan, Taguig City, Philippines
Phone: 1 220 222 2222 Ext #2

E Call Center takes pride in its highly trained and seasoned callcenter agents in its call centers. The call center agents are carefully handpicked and had gone through a strict recruitment process overlooked by the E Call Center’s CEO. E Call Center’s callcenter operates 24 by 7.

The demands in the different fields of the BPO call center and BPO services industry calls for a company which will excel in these call center services and call centre solutions. At E Call Center, we make sure that every call and call center services offered is out to produce results to those who want to take advantage of the call centre services and the call centre boom. E Call Center Philippines, one of the premiere call centers is engaged in different fields of sales call. These call center services are geared to expand every call center client’s business. It serves its clients in the following call centre BPO fields as call centre services:

  1. Telemarketing Calls

    A callcenter agent makes a call to prospective BPO customers to avail of products or services in call centers. This and other call center services can be done through a phone call well known as call centre solutions. As one of the most common BPO services in the call center industry, we make sure that every call guarantees quality products to our clients.

  2. Appointment Setting Calls

    Being one of the call center services at E Call Center, as a BPO call centre, each call is meant to convert sales. Ecallcenter.com BPO call center deals with calls for top business appointment, real estate and insurance appointment setting in callcenters.

  3. Lead Generation

    As a part of call center services, generating leads is at the core of business development. Each call is made to gather information and BPO call center agents do follow-up calls convert it into business as one of its call center services. 

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