Arkansas Call Centers

Arkansas is a state located in the southern part of the United States. The name Arkansas has the same etymology as the name for the state of Kansas. The word is a French pronunciation of a Quapaw word meaning “land of downriver people” or “people of the south wind.” The pronunciation of Arkansas was made official by an act of state legislature in 1881 after a dispute between the two U.S. Senators from Arkansas.

The state generated $87 billion gross domestic product for the year 2005. The state’s agriculture outputs are poultry and eggs, soybeans, sorghum, cattle, cotton, rice, hogs and milk. Its industrial economy is fueled by food processing, electric equipment, fabricated metal products, machinery, paper products, bromine and vanadium. A number of global companies have put their headquarters in the state such as Wal-Mart (the world’s largest public corporation by revenue in 2007), JB Hunt and Tyson Foods. The state has been experiencing a continuous economic boom since the 1970s. Tourism also plays a very important role to the state. In fact, the official state nickname “The Natural State” was originally created for state tourism advertising back in the 1970s and is still used up to this day. According to, Arkansas currently ranks 21st for The Best States for Business, 9th for Business Cost, 40th for Labor, 22nd for Regulatory Environment, 17th for Economic Climate, 9th for Growth Prospects, 34th in Gross Domestic Product, and positive economic change of 3.8% or ranked 22nd.

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