Palmer Call Center

This city is part of the Anchorage Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the 2007 Census Bureau, the city has a total population of 7,804. The city was named after station master Stanley Duncan Palmer. The city began in 1916 as a railway station on the Matanuska Branch of the Alaska Railroad largely to serve coal mines in the northeast area of Palmer.

Palmer is famous in Alaska as the location of the annual Alaska State Fair. The Fair holds contests for largest vegetable in several categories and many national and world records have been recorded at the fair. Today, Palmer is in the midst of a significant metamorphosis. In less than 20 years, the heart of the Matanuska Valley has evolved from rural, to bedroom community, to its own increasingly self-sufficient, commercial and employment center. The population growth in Palmer and the surrounding areas has been significant and the City's population has increased on the average of 3.3% since 2000, with 5,343 residents currently residing in the 5.2 square mile city.

The city has one operating call center: Jackson's Answering & Business Services.
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