Vestavia Hills Call Center

Vestavia Hills is a city in Jefferson and Shelby Counties in Alabama. It is an affluent suburb in the city of Birmingham. The city is named after the 20 acre estate of former Birmingham Mayor George B. Ward which was situated on the crest of Shades Mountain in the northern edge of the city. Ward’s mansion at the Vestavia estate instantly became a landmark in the area as soon as it was completed in 1925. The two and a half structure was built after the circular Temple of Vesta in Rome. The city’s development as a residential suburb began in 1946 when developer Charles Byrd planned a subdivision for approximately 1000 persons on the slopes of Shades Mountain. It was declared as a separate city on November 8, 1950 and has since grown because of rapid development and annexation. According to the 2006 census, the population of Vestavia Hills is 31,051.

Between 1924 and the late 1940’s a number of adventurous settlers moved to the region and by 1950 the area population totaled 607 residents. From this point forward, Vestavia Hills grew at a rapid pace. In 1950, residents petitioned the Jefferson County Probate Judge to call an incorporation election to create the town whose name would reflect the influence of George Battey Ward. The incorporation election to create the Town of Vestavia Hills was held on October 24, 1950 and passed by a vote of 88 for and 8 against the proposition. The City was formally incorporated on November 8, 1950.

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