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If you want a rewarding job that will strengthen your skills, we at E-Call Center is committed to giving our employees excellent growth opportunities. We are in need of highly driven and motivated individuals that will help propel E-Call Center forward. Join our company and go far beyond your typical work experience. We have dynamic positions that provide opportunities in a challenging and highly rewarding work environment.

Web Designer, Web Programmer, Website Sales Agent, Outbound Sales Agent, Inbound Sales Agents

Online applicants are given priority or email your resumes to info@ecallcenter.com. Initial interview will be done over the phone.

Offshore outsourcing call center jobs worldwide.

BPO Call Center and Contact Center brings opportunity

for BPO jobs in the industry. Call Center

can be your solution. Outsourcing companies brings

call center jobs like B2B sales, most popular

outsourcing jobs in the industry. Outsourcing and

Call Center / Contact Center with E Call Center will be your

solution for your outsourcing need.


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Lot 1 Block 9 J. Cargill St. Purok 6, Ibayo, Napindan, Taguig City, Philippines
Phone: 1 220 222 2222 Ext #2

The BPO contact center /call center jobs/ call centre jobs, contact center job, outsourcing call center job, outsourcing jobs description provide crystal clear understanding of the call center agents' responsibility in both outsourcing outbound and inbound call center. Also, call center or offshore outsourcing job or BPO jobs description of the outsourcing call centers and contact center vary from one industry to the next with a list of various skills and tasks that a particular call center applicant should possess for a call center job or the offshore outsourcing job. Some BPO contact centers offer different level of pay to call center agents or outsourcing job depending on the background experience and the geographical location of the offshore outsourcing call center. To achieve a pool of prospective BPO jobs or outsourcing jobs candidates, there are some outsourcing call center sites wherein this outsourcing call center can post a list of BPO jobs or call center jobs available. On top of the BPO jobs or offshore outsourcing call center job specifics, call center agents should possess exceptional communication skills which serve as a tool to make a successful turnover of b2b sales or to be able to troubleshoot complex issues within the internationally accepted outsourcing call center and contact center standards. In a contact center environment, call center agents should have the ability to multi task with call center jobs such as fast keyboarding skills and the ability to use important computer programs while dealing with a customer over the phone. On the other hand, call center agents in B2B sales, should have exceptional selling skills and convincing power with rapport building combined. All call center employees should have the edge to help customers and good memory to recall all product details and procedures that are part of any outsourcing bpo jobs or call center jobs. At E Call Center, we offer different outsourcing BPO jobs and call center jobs that will suit the needs of our offshore outsourcing clients. As an outsourcing call center, these BPO outsourcing careers or outsourcing jobs have been rated the best in the contact center or call center industry. E Call Center provides outsourcing jobs that provides contact center solutions to your outsourcing business. Our call center agents ensure customer satisfaction, client retention and long-term revenue. We are looking for competent contact center/call center agents in the following outsourcing jobs field:

B2B Sales 

Our B2Bsales contact center professionals are the engines that drive our BPO call center company. B2B sales and offshore outsourcing BPO agents should have great capacity to build a progressive contact center outsourcing sales atmosphere. B2B sales call center agents work on different outsourcing campaigns and deliver positive results everytime. 

Customer Service 

As one of the top BPO call center jobs, customer service contact center agents gather valuable feedbacks that enhance the contact center customer’s outsourcing needs. Every inquiry made is critical to a successful BPO outsourcing call center company. Investing in good outsourcing call center agents handling customer service shows how much a company invests in outsourcing jobs and its good relationship with its offshore outsourcing clients. 

Technical Support

A highly educated pool of contact center agents in this field provides a thorough help to any outsourcing business. Outsourcing technical support, as one of the many call center jobs available, invests in people and technology to create positive results.  This outsourcing service focuses on complex technical support across the offshore outsourcing clients across the globe. 

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