Long Beach Call Center

Long Beach is located in Southern California on the Pacific coast. As of 2008, its estimated population was 492,642. It is also the second largest city after Los Angeles.

The city’s port, Port of Long Beach, is one of the world’s largest shipping ports. The city also has a large oil industry since the oil in the city is found both underground and offshore. Manufacturers include aircraft, automobile parts, electronic and audiovisual equipment and home furnishings. It also houses several big companies such as Epson America, Molina Healthcare and Scan Health Plan. Long Beach has grown with the development of high-technology and aerospace industries in the area. The top commercial businesses in Long Beach, based upon the number of employees, are: Boeing, Verizon, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and The Bragg Companies (crane and heavy transport sales). Several local hospitals are major employers, including: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, St. Mary Medical Center, and Pacific Hospital of Long Beach. Major government and educational employers include: Long Beach Unified School District, City of Long Beach, California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach City College, United State Postal Service, and Long Beach Transit.

Verizon has a call center headquarters in Long Beach, California which is the sixth largest employer with about 2,500 workers.  Globally, Verizon employs some 220,000 people in 140 countries. The company reported $16.9 billion in profit on nearly $98 billion revenue in 2008, according to Moody's Investor Services.

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