Anaheim Royal Mobile Home Park Call Center

Anaheim is a city known for its theme parks, sports teams and convention centers. It is ranked 10th as the most populated city in California. The city was founded by fifty German families in 1857. The city’s name is a blend of “Ana” after the nearby Santa Ana River and “heim,” a common German place name compound originally meaning “home.” The city was founded grape farmers and wine makers from Franconia, Bavaria back in 1857 with its first settler, Daniel Kraemer. Settlers voted to call the community “Annaheim”, meaning "home by the Santa Ana River" in German. The name later was changed slightly, to Anaheim. To the Spanish-speaking neighbors, the settlement was known as Campo Alemán (Spanish for German Camp).

Anaheim's largest and most important industry is tourism. Its Anaheim Convention Center is home to many national conferences, and the Walt Disney Company is by far the city's largest employer. Many hotels, especially in the city's Resort district, serve theme park tourists and convention-goers. Several notable corporations have offices in Anaheim. Banco Popular, a bank based in Puerto Rico, has one of their North American headquarters in Anaheim.

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