Peoria Call Center

Peoria is a major suburb of Phoenix with an estimated population of 142,024 as of 2006. It is the fourth largest city in the state in terms of land area and the ninth largest in terms of population. The city was named after Peoria, Illinois which is from an Indian word for “prairie fire.” Money Magazine listed Peoria in the Top 100 Places to Live in July 2008. The city was established in the 1880s when William J. Murphy’s vision of fertile farm lands fed by water from the Salt River. Residences in the new community sprang up, and a school and Post Office were established by 1889. More people followed the original families and Peoria continued to grow as a farming community. The farmlands were fertile and the people made a good living, despite having to battle swarms of red ants and the occasional rattlesnake in the kitchen.

Peoria continues to grow successfully. In 1999 most of the land around Lake Pleasant Regional Park was annexed into the city. Peoria has gained a world-class educational and cultural destination, the Challenger Space Center of Arizona. Also in 2007 the city completed the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts. Today most of the city’s growth is taking place in North Peoria. Peoria's identify is more related to resort and leisure living than the past, as that type of lifestyle migrates from the northeast Valley to Peoria. Peoria’s economic plan focuses on establishing the new Loop 303 freeway corridor as an industrial, commercial, mixed development use and less on traditional residential development.

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