Wasilla Call Center

Wasilla is a city in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and is the fifth largest city in the state. As of the 2007 census, the Census Bureau estimated that the population of the city is 9,780. It is the largest city in the borough and is a part of the Anchorage metropolitan area. Wasilla is named after Chief Wasilla, a local Dena'ina chief.

The city began as a transportation logistics and trade center serving natural resource extraction followed by small scale agricultural activity circa 1935. By 1975, the construction of the Parks Highway reduced travel time to Anchorage which encouraged the transition to a satellite bedroom community where workers commute to Anchorage for employment. Local service employment has increased in recent years. 35% of the city’s workforce commutes to Anchorage. Tourism, agriculture, wood products, steel and concrete products are part of the economy. Wasilla's expanding economy offers a wide range of employment and business development opportunities, particularly in the retail and services industries.

Wasilla is the home of the world renowned Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and the Tesoro Iron-Dog 2000, the world’s longest snowmobile race. Fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, and biking are popular activities during summer’s long daylight hours, and mountains, lakes, streams, wetlands, tundra and boreal forests are within easy reach. 

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