Anchorage Call Center

Anchorage, officially called the Municipality of Anchorage, is estimated to have 279,671 residents as of the 2007 census. It is Alaska’s largest city and makes up more than 40% of the state’s total population. The state has been named All-America City four times: in 1956, 1965. 1984/85 and 2002 by the National Civic League. 

Anchorage’s economy lies in its sectors of transportation, military, local and federal government, tourism and resource extraction. Anchorage’s geographical location and surrounding natural resources added to the growth of the local economy.

Though steadily growing, Anchorage remained a relatively small frontier town until the beginning of World War II. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Anchorage found itself on the front lines of the conflict. Airfields, roads, and other infrastructure were constructed during the war. After WWII, the infrastructure was left behind, creating the framework for Anchorage’s development. During the war, Anchorage’s population exploded from around 8,000 to more than 43,000.

Anchorage has two call centers: CnS Services and Switchboard Alaska.

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