Tuscaloosa Call Center

Located on the west central part of Alabama, it is the fifth largest city in the state with an estimated population of 88,772 in 2007. Tuscaloosa is named after the Choctaw chieftain Tuskaloosa (which means Black Warrior in the same language), who battled and was defeated by Hernando Soto in 1540 in the Battle of Mauvila. Tuscaloosa is where The University of Alabama is located and is also the center of industry, commerce, healthcare and education for the West Alabama region. As of 2000 census, there were 77,906 people in this city.

The city boasts of a diverse economy based on the sectors of manufacturing and service. Twenty-five percent the city is employed by the federal, state and local government agencies. 16.7% is in manufacturing; 16.4% in retail trade and transportation; 11.6% in finance, information and private enterprise; 10.3% in mining and construction; and 9.2% in hospitality.

With the initiative of the local government, the city of Tuscaloosa unveiled 311 Call Center. The 311 Call Center is the result of Mayor Walt Maddox’s first executive order. 

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