Decatur Call Center

This city, known as the “River City” is located in Northern Alabama on the banks of Wheeler Lake, along Tennessee River. The estimated population in 2006 was 55,778. Decatur’s early success was based upon its location along a river. The city transformed fast into a large economic center. Presently, the city’s economy is heavily based on manufacturing industries, cargo transit and hi-tech industries such as General Electric and the United Launch Alliance.

The city was originally known as “Rhodes Ferry Landing” named after Dr. Henry W. Rhodes, an early landowner who operated a ferry that crossed the Tennessee River in the 1810s at the present day location of Rhodes Ferry Park. The city was named Decatur in 1821 in honor of Stephen Decatur after he was killed in a duel in 1820. President Monroe directed that the town be named after him.

Decatur has grown to be the busiest river post on the Tennessee River. The Port of Decatur sees large amounts of barge traffic from up and down the Tennessee River, which has led to twenty Fortune 500 companies opening plants in the city.

Decatur has one operating call center: Answer Tel Company.

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