ECallCenter is a Philippines-based offshore, business process outsourcing company that handles various industries. ECallCenter provides support for customer service, sales and marketing. The company also provides outbound and inbound offshore call center solutions for all our clients at a much lower cost.  We specialize on providing and continuously developing revolutionary means of outsourcing strategies which operates under strict clientele requirements while ensuring cost-effectiveness, productivity and market-centered commerce.

Because of Philippines’ large resource of English-speaking individuals and low labor costs, it has been the choice for many offshore companies. Starting from just 10 offshore companies, there are now over 700 callcenter companies operating in the country. A major part of the Philippine call center industry is composed of Manila call centers. There are also a lot of callcenter scattered along Makati, Mandaluyong, Eastwood and Ortigas Center. Manila is a top choice for business process outsourcing because of the country’s multiply key competitive advantages over other offshore outsourcing destinations. With the call centers concentrated around Manila, the country possesses multiple key competitive advantages over other offshore outsourcing destinations. In a recent Gartner research report, a leading information technology research and advisory company, it has been mentioned that “the level of English language proficiency in the Philippines is characterized as ‘world-class’ as a way to designate it and set the country apart from the other competitive English-speaking country destinations.”

Phil. Headquarters: 
4F A-Z Mktg. bldg 723 Sgt. Bumatay St. Plainview Mandaluyong City, Philippines 
Phone: (632) 533-9371

US Headquarters:
2038 Merano Court Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
Phone: 1-270-777-7777
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